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Digital Car Insurance

Our BSure Digital Car Insurance is a digital version of your current insurance card. This gives you the option to keep your BSure Digital Car Insurance on your smartphone and serves as an official proof for stakeholders such as the Tax Office, the Police, ForenSys and 24/7 Wegenwacht.

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How does it work? It's easy!

Please note that this action does not require insertion of any personal information, nor passwords.

You will receive an email from us with a link.
To open your BSure Digital Car Insurance, simply click on this link on your smartphone and follow the steps to add the digital proof of insurance to your "Wallet" app.
Look up your BSure Digital Car Insurance in your "Wallet" and you are good to go!
Your pass will update automatically upon every renewal, you don't have to do anything for this. Simple, huh?
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The BSure Digital Car Insurance has several benefits:

Available anytime, anywhere on your smartphone
No need to visit our office for card pick-ups
Help save our planes with your digital insurance card
No waiting lines

No smartphone?

In case you don't have a smartphone, you can still access your BSure Digital Car Insurance by opening the link on a PC. We kindly urge you to print the insurance certificate as a proof and keep tis printout in your car.

Click here to see how to install, view, share and delete the BSure Digital Car Insurance.

Frequently asked questions

Does the BSure Digital Car Insurance serve as a payment receipt?

Yes, the BSure Digital Car Insurance serves as proof of payment just like the previously known BSure physical card.

Do I need internet connection to use the BSure Digital Car Insurance?

No, once downloaded the BSure Digital Car Insurance works offline too.

How can I view the coverage and the other information of the car on my BSure Digital Car Insurance?

Please click here to view the video tutorials. Our How-To videos will tell you how.

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