Help Button

Immediate assistance, wherever you are

In cooperation with Securitas, BSure offers the BSure Help Button. The button allows you to contact the 24/7 control center of Securitas from anywhere on Curaçao.

Everywhere on Curaçao a friendly voice and helping hand

The BSure Help Button is equipped with a location beacon and communication hardware. At a push of the button, the Securitas control room will receive your location. The Securitas staff will then open a line and inquire about your situation. If you cannot or do not answer, the staff will assume you are in danger and send the patrol closest to your location. If you are able to answer, you can communicate with the staff and determine how they can help you best.

The BSure Help Button guarantees 24 hours a day assistance with:

  • suspicious circumstances or imminent danger
  • medical emergencies
  • car trouble

Available at an attractive discount with a BSure home or car insurance.

Fast and effective action

With your home alarm system connected to the Securitas control center, you are assured of professional monitoring of your alarm and of swift assistance of Securitas patrols when necessary.

The alarm center monitors your alarm system 24/7 to allow for immediate action when the alarm is triggered.

Protective surveillance

The Securitas patrols are on protective surveillance 24 hours a day in all neighborhoods of Curaçao. That means they can be on the scene within minutes to assess the situation and provide assistance. In the event you notice something suspicious around your home or business, you can call on the patrols of Securitas.

Available at an attractive discount with a BSure home insurance.