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Travel insurances for any type of trip

We know how important peace of mind is when you travel. BSure offers two complete travel insurance packages that are designed to protect you from unexpected events, from the moment you book your trip to the day you return home.

Group 1 1 Group 2

B a carefree traveler with BSure!

The BSure Travel Insurance provides the best coverage at the best price, allowing you to travel safely and carefree. This means:

No administrative cost
Coverage for all specified items and equipment
No last-minute stress to get insured - you can even get insured on the day of departure
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Up to 80 years of age
Free coverage for kids under 12 years old
Sports equipment insured without additional charges

Choose the travel insurance that fits you the best

One Time

One time payment without additional charges

Up to 80 years of age

Free coverage for kids under 12 years old

Sports equipment insured without additional charges


Monthly payment is possible without additional charges

Up to 75 years of age

Increased coverage for luggage loss and damage

Includes cancellation insurance

Frequently asked questions

What kind of travel insurance does BSure offer?

At BSure you can choose between a One Time Travel Insurance and a Continuous Travel Insurance.

A One-Time Travel Insurance is advantageous if you go on vacation less than 21 days a year.

If you travel more often than that, it is advisable to apply for a Continuous Travel Insurance so you can go on vacation (with or without your family) without any worries.

How can I take out a travel insurance with BSure?

It’s easy. Click here to make a calculation of the premium through the website and apply. Once submitted, our officers will process your request.

Am I over-insured for medical expenses if I already have health insurance?

The coverage for medical expenses is an addition to the coverage of your health insurance.

The compensation for expenses made abroad for necessary medical care depends on the rates that apply in the country where you received the care. You may have to pay extra, or even get no compensation from your insurer at all. Travel insurance includes coverage for medical expenses to cover these costs.

Do you still have questions?

We would love to hear from you. You can always reach us through the channels below:

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